BCM241: Entry 3

This week’s blog post is where I read someone else’s blog and reflect on them. I chose Nhi Nguyen’s blog (she’s a friend of mine, absolutely friendly and a kind soul).

Nhi Nguyen’s blog


Something in me clicked when Sue mentioned about her blog during lecture the other day. Nhi and I have a lot of similarities, you see. We are both international students studying abroad and we are both brought up from an Asian background. Hence, I do feel that we have a few things in common.

I will be reflecting and blogging about her blog posts Which Media Space Are You In? and Did Old TV Cost That Much? where she interviewed or perhaps asked her mom about her memories of TV. It is unsure if she asked her mom face to face, however in her previous blog post, she added that she uses FaceTime as a form of communication with her parents. Here, I can relate so much because I too use FaceTime and Skype to communicate with my family and friends. I can’t explain how hard it is to accommodate to their time as I am 2 hours ahead of them. Honestly, it is pretty difficult because by the time they are ready to FaceTime, I’ll be really tired from Uni or when I’m ready to FaceTime they would be having dinner. Thus, I only FaceTime with my family once or twice a month.

Anther thing Nhi mentioned in her blog is that how her family is in a different “media space” where everyone is together but not together at the same time. This is because we have all of our gadgets and we are all too busy to communicate in reality. Relating this to my first blog post on this particular topic, I mentioned how my mom is always on her phone while we are having lunch or dinner. Maybe it’s because we ran out of things to talk about?

I guess it is how it is in today’s society. For example, I am too caught in this situation. My sister and I share the same room and we do our own thing (she will be on her laptop watching Game of Thrones and I’ll be on my phone checking all of my social media).

To be honest, I find it sad but why do we still continue to do it? Are we bored of the people around us?


2 thoughts on “BCM241: Entry 3”

  1. Hi Cigie, what a nice surprise when reading your post 🙂 Totally in love with the way you presented the link between the 2 of us, not only from the subject perspective but also from the approach that we’re both international students and go through somehow the same experiences! I can understand it when you mention something like when you get home tired and it’s late here in Australia but your family is just about to have dinner! Keep up the inspiring and great work Cigie xx ❤ good luck with your studying 😉


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